GHL ION Director

Color: White
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GHL ION Director® (IOND) utilizes advanced ion-selective technology to precisely and dependably monitor key water parameters—Ca, Mg, K, Na, and NO3—with low operational costs. This special multi-ion sensor, developed by GHL for sea water analysis, needs no reagents. Automatic calibration is done with cost-effective reference liquids instead. Say goodbye to inefficient and costly testing kits. IOND offers other benefits, such as controlling set dosing pumps to keep a value steady, alarming if a value is outside the adjustable range, and displaying in charts & logbook (via GHL Connect & GHL Control Center). Combine IOND with the KH Director® to measure and manage the Ca, Mg, K, Na, and NO3 plus KH value. IOND works with GHL Doser 2 Standalone or ProfiLux aquarium controller (3 or 4) w/GHL Doser 2 Slave. To optimize accuracy, 3

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