The Radion line-up is easily understood. Choosing the right Radion(s) comes down to two simple considerations. Choose Light Size (for the coral) Think: Tank depth and the coral selection (XR15 vs XR30). Choose Light Color (for you) Think: Hobbyist Light Goals (Blue vs. Pro).

Goals Accomplished by the Radion Blue

• Easy and Just Works. The Blue’s spectrum is both proven and forgiving. Run all color channels at full and then simply adjust the overall intensity for your tank. 

• Maximum Fluorescence. You like the neon glow of coral, BLUE delivers like an Ibiza rave.

• Maximum Output for Your Fixture $. A strange metric to be sure – but you feel slighted because you are not able to blast blue light with all the available energy the fixture can handle – well the day is finally yours!

• You Love Blue. The BLUE produces more BLUE light than any other aquarium light in the history of aquarium lights.

Goals Accomplished by the Radion Pro

• Flexible and Tuneable. The core spectrum will grow coral but the wide channel selection will let you get where your discerning personal color preference wants to go.

• Whiter Light. Shades of white are only available with the PRO.

• Fluorescence and Pigmentation. The subtle and rainbow colors of SPS are a combination of fluorescence and pigmentation. The PRO is better suited to fine tune what light reflects so that you can see those colors.

• You Want to Experiment. Like the Radion PRO before it- the PRO will continue supporting what’s new and trending in spectrum and lighting research.

• Photography: Greater flexibility to tune lighting for your snapshots.

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